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On Majed Khalil's lawsuit against Fox News, Lou Dobbs & Sidney Powell

U.S. media has reported that Majed Khalil sued ($250 million - defamation) Fox News, Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell. It couldn’t have happened to better people, honestly. However, Khalil just could not be further removed from the portrait of a much maligned, innocent and squeaky clean "Venezuelan businessman" his stupid Brown Rudnick counsel is depicting. This site, and other webpages / blogs run by me, can not be accessed in Venezuela since around January 2014, due to a spurious "defamation" lawsuit that Khalil and his brother Khaled Khalil filed against me. The case never came to anything of course, but Venezuela's telecom regulator (CONATEL) censored traffic to our sites till this day. That's the sort of "businessman" Mr Khalil is.

Khalil is a made chavista thanks to his connections to Diosdado Cabello, Jorge Rodriguez, Luisa Ortega Diaz, Francisco Rangel Gomez and Antonio José Morales Rodríguez. Go ahead, Google the names. While he is not connected to Smartmatic, he is very, very much in cahoots with Jorge Rodriguez. In fact, there's a file sitting somewhere on an FBI desk with meticulous evidence of Khalil and Rodriguez's association. Khalil's reach, in the chavista criminal underworld, is vast as this site has been reporting for a while:

"As per how secure Venezuela's main airport is regarding drug transit, 5.5 tons of cocaine were seized in Mexico once upon a time. Origin Maiquetia. Who guards Maiquetia? Venezuela's National Guard. Is it not a known fact that Venezuelan National Guard and Armed Forces are deep into drug trafficking? For there's a cartel, called Cartel de los Soles, formed by high ranking members of Venezuela's military. Diosdado Cabello sits right at the top of it. Cabello is the second most powerful chavista official in Venezuela. He has a few proxies, one of the favourites is Majed Khalil, who's invested in Turkey."

With the arrest and extradition of Alex Saab, sources informed this site that Khalil moved to fill into role as PDVSA's favourite Treasury-sanctions-busting rogue trader.

Not that any of this will make it to mainstream U.S. media, though it'd be nice if Khalil's abuse of U.S. courts is challenged. A good starting point would be to ask Brown Rudnick what due diligence was done on Khalil's businesses and funding sources. The favourite argument used by counsel when defending "Venezuelan businessmen" like Khalil, in both civil and criminal cases, is that of lack of jurisdiction. Therefore the U.S. should be the last jurisdiction open to chavista thugs' frivolous legal pursuits.

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