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August 2013

Y Luis Oberto?

Deberían de poner algún articulo sobre Luis Oberto que tiene asignación directa de los dólares de PDVSA y sólo en 2010 gano más de 120 millones de dólares. Después para lavar sus negocitos con el gobierno compró las empresas de seguros del Banco del Caribe  (AIG y Seguros Venezuela). Tanto control de cambio para los venezolanos de a pie y un chorro de divisas para estos boliburgueses.

Leopoldo J Martinez threats to critics of DAVOS Financial Group Alek Boyd Fri, 08/23/2013 - 11:12

Leopoldo J. Martinez is a Washington D.C.-based Venezuelan tax expert and lawyer, closely aligned with the opposition movement to the late Hugo Chavez. Martinez is meant to be Washington's representative of MUD -umbrella group of parties and politicians- led by Henrique Capriles. His Twitter and Facebook account reveal where he stands politically. There's even photos of him sitting proudly next to Capriles.

JP Morgan's suspect hiring of Venezuelans [UPDATED]

Forget about Tiny Rowland and his African adventures as imperialist entrepreneur and dealmaker. The unacceptable face of capitalism has morphed into its XXI century iteration: bankers. This meme of bankers as the world’s worst has been appropriated and “occupied” by the Left. And the argument has been set up as one between “capitalism” and the power of the state. It may seem odd for someone like me to bash capitalism and entrepreneurship, but seeing what some “capitalist” bankers and banks are doing these days, I can't help but empathise with the "progressive" trend to paint bankers as the parasites on the world’s productive class.

Chavistas have a new banker: Charles Henry de Beaumont [UPDATED]

Nelson Bocaranda, legendary Venezuelan journalist who scooped the global media with his precise and uncanny reports about Hugo Chavez's cancer (at a time when Venezuela denied the seriousness of Chavez's ongoing illness), reports today that a Frenchman by the name of Charles Henry de Beaumont (a.k.a. Charles Henry du Boscq de Beaumont) with Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique (CBH) in Switzerland, has been opening bank accounts for chavista officials.