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Enemies of a free Cuba

Here's a list of last names of MEPs (pag. 12), who voted against a resolution condemning deplorable human rights situation in Cuba, and the death of political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo:

ALDE: Vattimo
ECR: Cymański, Czarnecki
GUE/NGL: Angourakis, Bisky, Chountis, de Brún, Ernst, Ferreira João, Figueiredo, Hadjigeorgiou, Händel, Klute, Kohlíček, Le Hyaric, Maštálka, Matias, Meyer, Portas, Ransdorf, Remek, Rubiks, Scholz, Søndergaard, Svensson Eva-Britt, Vergiat, Wils
NI: Sinclaire
PPE: Jiménez-Becerril Barrio*
S&D: Gierek

May their names be remembered as that of enemies of democracy, human rights, and freedom.

* Juan Salafranca from EPP, has emailed saying that Jimenez-Becerril Barrio pushed the wrong button by mistake.