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Italy's Guardia di Finanza seizes Alex Saab, lover Camilla Fabri laundered money, 11 October 2018:

This site can report that both Alex Saab and Abelardo de la Espriella are persons of interest for U.S. Department of Justice, FBI and DEA. Given his partnership with Rubio (Pulido Vargas) and Cordoba, Saab has been under scrutiny for quite some time. Saab, who left for Rome just before the recent Colombian probe was announced in late September, has also become a person of interest for Italy's financial watchdog., 26 July 2019:

Yesterday, Treasury sanctioned Alex Saab, while a DoJ's Grand Jury in South Florida indicted him and partner-in-crime Alvaro Pulido Vargas a/k/a German Rubio (see indictment below). This site took an interest in Alex Saab back in July 2013

Yesterday, Italian media reported that Guardia di Finanza, on the back of OFAC sanctions, and Department of Justice's Michael Nadler investigation, seized a property in Rome and over a million Euros belonging to Alex Saab. Brother Luis Alberto Saab Moran, lover Camilla Fabri, and proxy Lorenzo Antonelli are part of the seizure warrant ordered by a Rome Tribunal (see pdf below). Antonelli and Fabri are both involved with Kinlock Investments Limited, the UK's money laundering shell used by Saab. Little else to add really: criminal charges are the best vindication of our work!


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