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Deranged Rudy Giuliani speaks against client Derwick Associates

It doesn't get more embarrassing than this for Rudy Giuliani, does it? Giuliani went once to El Alamin, a castle in the outskirts of Madrid, to meet and get hired by Alejandro Betancourt, CEO of Derwick Associates. Giuliani then lobbied former AG Bill Barr, to get Betancourt off DoJ's hook. But irrelevance is a bitch, isn't it? Now, for 300 quid, Giuliani can be booked to do cameos, and so someone out there with a good sense of humour and a better grasp of Giuliani's handicaps hired him to speak against Derwick Associates, his very own client. This someone provided Giuliani with a list of people that have investigated, exposed and sued Derwick over the years. Angus Berwick was included in the list, likely to bank on Reuters' (entirely plagiarised) "special report" on Betancourt. This site was mentioned along Cesar Batiz, who broke the story of corrupt procurement involving Derwick in 2011, Orlando Avendaño, who reported on Juan Guaido's father's presence in El Alamin when Giuliani was visiting, Thor Halvorssen and Otto Reich, both of whom have sued Derwick.

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