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Switzerland's justice (Endri Gega) working for Alex Saab

In the latest episode of Alex Saab's saga, we learn that his counsel is using a ruling by Swiss "prosecutor" Endri Gega to quash extradition from Cape Verde to face criminal charges brought by U.S. Department of Justice. Just have a listen to what Gega has to say about his role:

2018-D1308_ Métiers de la justice_ Endri Gega_FHD_WEB.mp4 from Blaise Villars on Vimeo.

Contrast Gega's "do as I say, not as I do" philosophy with his absurd decision to shut down a legitimate MLAT request from DoJ.

Moreover, compare a ruling involving Saab from Switzerland's Federal Tribunal -presumably a higher authority within Switzerland's judiciary- with Geneva's Public Prosecution -Gega's office- decision about laundering of millions of dollars at UBS. So a competent court of law found against Saab in Switzerland. Will someone inform Gega, or the nice folk representing Saab?

Alex Saab & Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique (credit Gotham City)

Alex Saab & UBS (credit Gotham City)


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