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Spain's corrupt police protected Villalobos, Aguilera, Alvarado Ochoa, Reiter, Gorrin, Urdaneta and Beracha

New development in the extortion racket led by DEA-informant Martin Rodil: Nervis Villalobos, Carlos Aguilera, Javier Alvarado Ochoa, Rafael Reiter, Raul Gorrin, Carmelo Urdaneta Aqui and Moris Beracha bought Rodil's "protection" in Spain to stay out of trouble. Rodil's Spanish network included disgraced Police Chief José Manuel Villarejo and his partner José Aliste as per fresh reports. But the funny aspect is that Villalobos and co were in turn tapped by Villarejo to provide damaging intel about Podemos, the Spanish party whose founders were in Hugo Chavez's payroll before entering politics. Evidently, Villarejo just couldn’t figure degree of separation between Chavez and Rafael Ramirez' activities

Pablo Iglesias and his fellow travelers landed early in Chavez's "revolution". Their role was merely one of spreading propaganda, for which they were paid. Like Eva Golinger, Greg Wilpert, Mark Weisbrot or Sean Penn, these people were hired as propagandists to agitate within their respective spheres of influence.

But those extorted by Rodil just couldn’t be more removed from what Chavez was doing in terms of international propaganda. Villalobos, Aguilera, Alvarado Ochoa, Reiter, Gorrin, Urdaneta and Beracha were active players in the financial criminal underworld. They were the ones "bringing business" to Ramirez, key members of his "administrative team". These people provided critical assistance to Ramirez in the corruption that ended up bankrupting PDVSA. They were not political actors / operators, so they could hardly have furnished Villarejo with damming evidence against Iglesias, Monedero, Errejon et al.  

It seems the corrupt in Spain are as inept as their Venezuelan counterparts.


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