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What about Venezuela's boligarchs?

Russian oligarchs have become unpalatable, toxic. The social contract that existed between them and countries in the Western world that took / launder their money has been upended due to Vladimir Putin's Ukranian invasion. It wasn't always like that. There was a time when Roman Abramovich showed up in London with his loot and every last member of every establishment celebrated his business prowess, but above all else his largesse. He bought mansions, yachts, a very famous football club, and plenty of access. No one, nowhere, ever questioned origin of his wealth, and word got out.

UPDATED: As DoJ indicts Venezuelan Boligarchs threats / censorship ensue

More leaks suggest DoJ is preparing another set of indictments / charges against Venezuelan Boligarchs. This $4 billion money laudering gig will feature Charles Henry de Beaumont, his boss at Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique Joseph Benhamou; Pedro Binnagia, Pablo Custer and Dieter Stäubli at EFG Bank; and a yet-to-be-revealed banker Stephen Coleman and Peter Weinzierl at Meinl Bank.