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david osio

MUD & Boligarchs

The other day we found out -thanks Roberta- that representatives of the umbrella group opposing chavismo in Venezuela had been asking the U.S. State Department to NOT impose sanctions on individuals responsible for atrocious human rights violations. Roberta's faux pas was, in my opinion and contrary to conventional wisdom, a calculated move. It was a clear message from the State Department intended to expose turncoat Venezuelan politicos that love to pretend one thing in public, and then get in bed with utterly corrupt cronies of chavismo.

Diosdado Cabello, BANESCO and DAVOS named in fresh lawsuit against Derwick Associates

Life seems to be getting more and more difficult for Derwick Associates. A Venezuelan news site reported two days ago that Thor Halvorssen (with whom I worked in The Human Rights Foundation back in 2008-2009) has filed a lawsuit in Miami against Derwick Associates, and its executives Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Pedro Trebbau Lopez and Francisco D'Agostino.

Fernando Lauría e Inés Osío demandados por FOGADE en EEUU

El caso de BANCORO, a través del cual Fernando Lauría y su esposa Inés Osío de Lauría se habrían apropiado indebidamente de unos 543.654.000 de dólares, sigue su curso en EEUU donde FOGADE inició acciones legales contra ellos. Lo último es que el bufete de abogados que representa a FOGADE ha introducido una enmienda, en la cual no sólo nombran a Inés Osío de Lauría como cómplice, sino que además mencionan a Davos Financial Corporation y Davos Financial Advisors como parte de la red de instituciones financieras utilizadas por Lauría para cometer el guiso.

Otto Reich files amendment in lawsuit against Derwick Associates

It doesn't look pretty for Derwick Associates. Not pretty at all. Readers may recall that former U.S. President's Special Envoy for the Western Hemisphere, Otto Reich, filed a RICO lawsuit against Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, Pedro Trebbau Lopez and Francisco D'Agostino (of Derwick Associates's fame) in New York in July last year. When reading the claim the first time I thought "this is a looong shot..."

Davos Financial Group bogus claims

Back in April, in the course of my research into the Boliburgeoisie, I came across a claim, a bold one, that left me gobsmacked: DAVOS Financial Group -owned by David Osio- was stating in its website that it had a "portfolio valued at over $1 trillion in assets under management of private and institutional clients." One trillion dollars. Wow. I made sure to take a screen shot and thentweeted: "David Osio claims his DAVOS bank has $1 trillion (?) under management. Is that where the bulk of Vzla's missing funds are? @davosobserver"