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Open Letter to DoJ re Cartel de los Soles

Dear Department of Justice,

Further to your recent superseding indictment against Nicolas Maduro and his criminal associates, I want to help with information that could lead to their arrests. Fact is, only those within a rather small circle keep in regular contact with Maduro and co, and know of their whereabouts. To members of that circle $15 million is, beyond an insult, pocket change.

I think is very unlikely, therefore, that multi million dollar rewards offered will ever have to be paid up, as sifting through what is good and bad actionable intel -among the many tips you may be getting from folk that do not have current and correct information- will consume a considerable amount of time and resources, and may not lead to arrests.

Maduro is in Venezuela, of course. So are Tareck, Diosdado, Maikel Moreno, and most of those charged. That presents logistical, jurisdictional issues, unless you're planning on sending covert teams to capture / spirit these thugs out of the country into Colombia, Brazil or the Caribbean.

Alex Saab might be an easier target. So would be Raul Gorrin. While getting to those two in Venezuela might be problematic, you could always get to Amir Nassar Tayupe, or Carlos Gabaldon Rivas, to get to Saab. In Colombia, Piedad Cordoba and Abelardo de la Espriella can give you a fairly precise sense of Saab's movements and whereabouts. Saab keeps regular comms with Maduro.

In the case of Gorrin, you could speak to Cesar Omaña, who keeps moving between Colombia, Spain and the U.S. Omaña is also good friends with Leopoldo Lopez, whose stooge Juan Guaido allegedly maintains open and frequent communications with you guys. Gorrin and Maikel Moreno go back quite some time. They are partners. Gorrin is very close to Cilia.

Cilia controls Maduro. You get Cilia, Maduro is toast. David Boies and Bill Duker could give you hints on how to get friendly with Cilia, through Reinaldo Muñoz Pedroza (Wilmer Ruperti's crowd).

If you want to get to Moreno, you could call Adam Kaufmann, Jon Sale or Rudy Giuliani. They are all in a position to give you Alejandro Betancourt, whose Spanish location and residences are well known. If they come with some attorney-client privilege nonsense, call your partner Juan Guaido. His brother and father are Betancourt's stooges. Betancourt knows how to get to Moreno, as does his partner Francisco Convit. Moreno, Gorrin, Betancourt and Convit are, in fact, partners.

While Saab and Gorrin could give Maduro away, you're going to have to talk to Jesus Vidal Salazar to get to Diosdado. Vidal Salazar's proxy Alejandro Dona spends quite a bit of time in the Dominican Republic. With Vidal Salazar, it'd be a case of grabbing him outside Venezuela, in Madrid for instance. Majed Khalil -call PA Luisa Ortega Diaz- could also give good intel on Diosdado, and if that fails, there's always Ricardo Severin in Miami. Severin is actually quite a good catch. He is related to Axel Capriles (the one in Madrid), in turn related to namesake residing in New York. The one in Madrid is a proxy of Miguel Angel Capriles Lopez (a/k/a Michu), who sold his newspaper conglomerate to Tareck el Aisami, while the one in New York is close to Armando Capriles (a/k/a Coco), who has a very fluid relationship with Tareck. Most of the Capriles criminal clan live outside Venezuela, in the U.S. and Spain. They can contribute slam dunk intel not only on Tareck, but also on Maduro, Diosdado, and Jorge and Delcy Rodriguez.

Given Tareck's new role at PDVSA, you should also be talking to easy-to-get-to Francisco D'Agostino, Oswaldo Cisneros and Alessandro Bazzoni. If you have any issues contacting D'Agostino for instance, Henry Ramos Allup could surely assist. With respect to Tareck's old role in PDVSA, you ought to be talking to Francisco Morillo, Leonardo Baquero and Daniel Lutz. If that's a challenge, call Henry Ramos Allup, and if he doesn't pick up email Guaido's "prosecutor" in Boston, Jose Ignacio Hernandez, who Morillo hired once as a legal expert.

Hugo Carvajal Barrios has been enjoying Lucas Rincon's diplomatic protection in Lisbon since he left Spain. Needless to say that Spanish intelligence knows this, and has shared it with their American counterparts. Another person that can give precise details of Carvajal is Rafael Ramirez of course. Given the situation in Italy, it won't be difficult for you to get to him in Rome (do let me know if you need precise address details). Abbe Lowell and Erik Prince could also give you Ramirez's contact details. Ramirez and Carvajal also go back a long way.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former Prime Minister of Spain. He has direct access to Maduro, Cilia, Diosdado, Tareck, the Rodriguez siblings and everyone with power within chavismo. His travel / hotel fares are organised / paid by Majed Khalil (on orders from Jorge Rodriguez), which I mentioned earlier. Zapatero is quite the catch and only a phone call away.

You have a wealth of information you could tap into at a moment's notice. Everyone knows the Boligarchs that live and launder money outside of Venezuela. They are perfectly suited to turn Maduro & co in, for they owe every last penny of their "fortunes" to chavismo. Round them up. Put some pressure. None of them will resist your call. And the ones who are resisting, like the Oberto Anselmi brothers or Betancourt, just need to be indicted in the criminal probes you are already conducting. They can always come round once wearing orange jumpsuits.

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