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UPDATED: Who's calling my insurance company? Chavista foul play reappears in London

SEE UPDATE - Got a phone call today, from my insurance company. Someone had called them, saying I had been involved in an accident, and wanted to get my home address and contact details. Given the impact my anti corruption work is having in Venezuela these days, it would not be a stretch to conclude that this is chavismo at work, yet again, here in London, trying some kind of silencing antic against me.

As I don't believe in coincidences, and suffered a break in, theft and threats against my family back in 2014, I have already communicated this to relevant authorities and the Metropolitan Police. After all, Alejandro Betancourt, a thug I have been exposing over the years and co-conspirator of wanted criminals, resides in London. London is also home to proxies of Tareck el Aisami and Samark Lopez, both wanted in connection to terrorism and drug trafficking.

UPDATED 09/12/2019: got additional information from my insurance company. Quite an elaborate thing. An unidentified caller rang the Claims Department at 15:38 hours, on Monday 2nd December 2019. He said he was calling from within the insurance company, from another department, saying I had called to report an accident in which I had been involved, on 5th October 2019. Caller stated that he had been unable to locate any claim, and he wanted assistance of the Claims Department before calling me back, as the call with me had ended  unexpectedly.

The person calling knew my full name, make / model / colour of my car, and car insurance policy number with that insurance company. He was trying to get my address, and contact telephone number.

I have communicated this new information to the Metropolitan Police. The main target of my investigations for the past few years, Derwick's Alejandro Betancourt, keeps a residence, flights often into Biggin Hill, has child enrolled in nursery and operates in London with total impunity. His Russian partners also move around totally unencumbered. Colombian Alex Saab (wanted by DoJ and Italy's Guardia di Finanza), who is very close to narco senator Piedad Cordoba and to Nicolas Maduro, sent one of his thugs (Amir Nassar Tayupe) London once, to threaten and intimidate me. Nassar Tayupe admitted that his boss and the Derwick people talked about joining forces to silence me.


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