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U.S. Treasury: look into Nynas & Gazprombank Latinamerica Ventures

Further to recent sanction to Evrofinance Mosnarbank by U.S. Treasury, PDVSA sources report of a scheme involving Petrozamora (see Gazprombank Latinamerica Ventures - GLV), PDVSA, Nynas, and VTB Bank (shareholder in Evrofinance). Petrozamora crude is lifted from Puerto Miranda (Maracaibo Lake) and sent onto Punto Fijo terminals where larger tanker ships bound to Nynäshamn refinery in Sweden load. Nynas settles accounts receivables with GLV, which has taken over Gazprombank's PDVSA accounts and has transferred these to VTB Bank. PDVSA then gets whatever GLV sends, after taking its cut. This site has seen email exchanges between Nynas, PDVSA and GLV, as recent as late February.

Gazprombank Latinamerica Ventures, let us remember, is a Dutch shell controlled by Boris Ivanov (on behalf of Gazprombank) and Orlando Alvarado and Alejandro Betancourt (on behalf of Derwick Oil & Gas). It paid some $900 million in "bonuses" to PDVSA to get into the Petrozamora JV. Sources report that Gazprombank has allegedly transferred control of PDVSA's accounts to GLV's Ivanov, Alvarado and Betancourt. These thugs are making an absolute mockery of Treasury sanctions, and international efforts to bring about a transition in Venezuela.

Betancourt, of Derwick Associates fame, is nowadays in the mind of pretty much every Venezuelan due to never ending blackouts, but the man's not resting. By upbringing and family ties, he is pretty close to Leopoldo Lopez, and some of his immediate associates / relatives are already crowing about how they'll rebuild Venezuela once Juan Guaido's transitional government gets in. It would be interesting to hear what Sweden has to say about Betancourt's deals with Nynas, considering it recognised Guaidó as Venezuela's legitimate interim president.

Treasury might want to have a proper look into Nynas shareholding structure (50% owned by PDVSA), operations and deals with Petrozamora, and revisit sanctions to Gazprombank and Gazprombank Latinamerica Ventures. Alejandro Betancourt is meant to be conspirator no 2 in Francisco Convit's $1.2 billion money laundering scheme with PDVSA, and is involved in so much corruption that, frankly, it is difficult to understand why he hasn't been indicted and sanctioned. Same goes for his chum Orlando Alvarado and, of course, Boris Ivanov.

Guaidó, and his new legal counsel, might want to replace Nynas' board members Fernando de Quintal, Henry Ardila and Sheila Rivas Puerta, and bring some action against the continued looting of Venezuela's resources.

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