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Carlos Herrera's Primicias24: chavista investigative journalism at its best

Primicias24 is chavista investigative journalism at its very best. It is a site run and edited by a chap called Carlos Herrera, a former councilman. Herrera and his rag have been on a relentless streak of late, posting stuff about me that reveals more about their worldview than anything else. So for instance, I learned from Herrera a while ago that I "had AIDS". He then posted a piece entitled "Carlos Herrera replies to the hitman, homosexual and sick Alek Boyd". After that he came up with a wild accusation, claiming that I was "part of a plan to oust Nicolas Maduro while destroying PDVSA". Such fantastic headline must have gained him sympathies in certain criminal quarters, for next Herrera published about a "lawsuit" that a couple of Boligarch thugs "had filed" against me in Caracas. My silence must have pissed him to an unbearable point, so he cranked it up three notches and posted something about me "being wanted" by some tribunal. Please note that the latter claim comes right on the back of similarly spurious ones made by the lawyer of that other Boligarch thug known as Alex Saab, whose partners are now on the run from Ecuadorian justice. But the latest one merits a reaction. Seriously. It is so far out, so irresponsible, so deliciously false, so impossible to sustain, while claiming that it is the product of the "investigation team of Primicias24" that got tipped by "international intelligence forces", that it merits a proper response.

There you have it, dear readers, a "picture" of my "mother." Herrera got the name wrong, the ID number wrong, the marital status wrong, and the date of birth wrong. But he kept digging...

Check out the "details" of my "mother" in Venezuela's Electoral Council's (CNE) roll (needless to say is all fake). Mind you the entry does exist (I wonder how he got the CNE to do that), and then the majority of Venezuelans are still prepared to give chavista electoral authorities the benefit of the doubt. But the best is yet to come:

A travel log above. Now this is the icing on the cake, this is the bit that does away forevermore with whatever credibility of Mr Carlos Herrera and the "investigation team" of his Primicias24 rag. As you can see, my "mother" traveled between Venezuela, the USA and Spain six times, between 2006 and 2012.

The trouble for Herrera and his sources' latest is rather unsurmountable: my mother died in 1983. 

Think about this next time you read a report from a chavista "investigative journalist", or his backers, or his associates, or about a "lawsuit," or about a "coup."