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Carlos Herrera's Primicias24: chavista investigative journalism at its best

Primicias24 is chavista investigative journalism at its very best. It is a site run and edited by a chap called Carlos Herrera, a former councilman. Herrera and his rag have been on a relentless streak of late, posting stuff about me that reveals more about their worldview than anything else. So for instance, I learned from Herrera a while ago that I "had AIDS". He then posted a piece entitled "Carlos Herrera replies to the hitman, homosexual and sick Alek Boyd".

"Alek Boyd has AIDS"

I got up this morning to the news that "I've got AIDS." It wasn't my doctor who gave me the bad news, no. It was the Derwick boys (Francisco D'Agostino, Francisco Convit, Pedro Trebbau, and Alejandro Betancourt), who in their boundless wisdom, continue to position the only tactic they have at their disposal, money, in order to deploy the only strategy they know to use when bribery fails: intimidation.