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Twitter blocks @alekboyd, censors information on rampant corruption.

It seems that for Twitter, some users are more equal than others, some private information is more equal than other. Some telephone numbers are more equal than others... I remember vividly the break into my apartment, threats to my children, theft of laptops and pictures obtained through illegal surveillance that lasted months, and that were posted on Twitter, without problem. I remember the impersonation in Twitter accounts depicting me as a racist, and baseless defamation that followed suggesting as I was pedophile. I remember the time it took to try and reason with Twitter, on the need to remove such information.

Boda Patricia Alvarado - Manuel Tamayo

I recently posted details of a wedding (picture above). One of those lavish celebrations paid for with stolen public funds by utterly corrupt -and wanted- Javier Alvarado. The corrupt, it seems, took issue with Twitter (see below), and Twitter caved.

Twitter blocks @alekboyd

Twitter blocks @alekboyd


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