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INTERBANEX: Nicolas Maduro partially lifts Venezuela's FX controls

Nicolas Maduro is in a bit of a pickle: the Trump administration has recognised Juan Guaidó as legitimate President of Venezuela and, crucially, Carlos Vecchio as his official U.S. Chargé d'Affairs. What this means in practical terms is that the U.S. government will only talk business with Guaidó through Vecchio. Maduro's retort? To introduce a partial lift of a 15 year-long foreign exchange control (source of phenomenal corruption), through launch of a platform called Interban Exchange C.A. (INTERBANEX - @interbanex). Venezuela's Central Bank authorised this FX trading platform, due to start today with one participating bank: Victor Vargas' ponzy Banco Occidental de Descuento (BOD). Carlos Romero's Banplus (another hugely corrupt banker / bank) is to join in the short term.

INTERBANEX has a website, where info about its composition can be read. There's a document, as per metadata created early today by Manuel Aaron Fajardo Garcia, that gives details of INTERBANEX shareholders: Spain's €3,000 Ampajesu S.L. (administered by Fajardo Garcia) and Barbados' Bull Equity Management Ltd, owned by Dionisio Sifontes Santos.

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