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Thank You U.S. Department of Justice

I've always believed that one has to be as frontal in praise as in criticism. Depending on where one stands, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) may have many aspects that deserve criticism, I am sure. With respect to Venezuela and the bunch of chavista narcoterrorists in power, nobody has a cumulative catalogue in exposing galloping and gargantuan corruption that compares to the one published by us in nearly two decades, and no law enforcement or justice system has come close to DoJ in prosecuting the thugs that have literally destroyed our nation. Therefore, we feel we must say to our brothers in arms at DoJ, loud and clear, THANK YOU!

Thank you for demonstrating time and again that justice can be blind. 

Thank you for keeping the hopes of a nation, and the surrounding region.

Thank you for being the exception.

Thank you for resisting attempts to undermine your work, and independence of your powers. 

Thank you for reminding the world that no thug is too big to prosecute.

Since 2002, we have had the chance to meet with prosecutors and law enforcement in many different countries. Thank you for being the only ones that ever do something. You are slow (far too much for my liking), but you are consistent and unique. In the rest of the world, justice continues to be political in nature. Thanks heavens politicking isn't the ultimate driver in your case.

Chavismo is not a political movement, but an umbrella of criminal gangs that have taken over a nation blessed with abundant resources. There isn't a single top chavista that escapes this truism. Nobody gets to sit at, or near the top of a criminal hierarchy, without being a criminal. That being the case, they must all be treated as such. 

A little digging, which is what we do here, is all that is needed to establish legal responsibilities. Where State resources are administered without a trace of accountability by a criminal bunch, where the State, a former petrostate, is the engine that moves the economy and its largest employer and source of wealth, no licit fortune can be made, and none has been made legitimately in Venezuela since 1999. Period.

Every single one of those Venezuelan "entrepreneurs" that are "investing their wealth" around the world nowadays has left a sack of skeletons behind. That includes the master of Rudy Giuliani, the partner of Anthony Scaramucci, the employer of David Boies, the bosses of Adam Kaufmann, the clients of Brian Ballard and Robert Stryk..., so thanks for keeping (some) of them honest.

We often fantasize about a DoJ-led task force of Federal Agencies to be unleashed on chavismo, which is similar to what you just did against Maduro et al. We know, have said, and reiterate the immediate and tangible effect that such undertaking would produce. The cure to rid the planet of the chavista virus is not an invading force. No. Chavismo must be deprived of money, which is what oxygenates the structure and keeps it going. Cuba, for instance, continues to get Venezuelan oil, despite sanctions against Cubametales. Both nations should be put in the State Sponsor of Terrorism list, without delay. Putin's proxies should also be neutralised.

Chavismo has turned Venezuela into a narcostate, and every last of its partners, facilitators, proxies, representatives and associates ought to be treated accordingly, whomever they may be. This includes, of course, leading figures of the ever so pliant and accommodating "opposition". We can only hope that your arm will eventually reach them too.

There's a lot we could do, if we were to join forces. We remain thankful, vigilant, and eager to help.


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