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Alejandro Betancourt paid (at least) €500,000 to Martin Rodil

Fresh reports from Spain indicate that Alejandro Betancourt, CEO of Derwick Associates, paid Martin Rodil €500,000 for protection through a shell called Erasmus Haven. The news come in the context of arrest, in Switzerland, of Luis Fernando Vuteff one of the "bankers" involved in Money Flight, the $1.2 billion money laundering scheme set up by Rafael Ramirez and his friends. In early December 2018, a tweet by former editor of this site shed some light on the issue:

"@martin_rodil @VALCnow would like to ask some questions abt business relationship w #Derwick lawyer Adam Kaufmann @LewisBaach. Also want your comment re Erasmus Haven B.V."

Martin Rodil's schemes and sudden wealth have been known to this site for a very long time. Probing authorities would do well in investigating other members of his extortion ring, starting with Adam Kaufmann and Roger Noriega.

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