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leopoldo lopez

What's Julio Herrera Velutini doing for Guaido / Lopez?

Sometime in May 2019, Daniel Lara Farias alerted me to a gig involving Gustavo Guaido and Juan Salcedo Marquez (brother and cousin of sorts of "interim president" Juan Guaido respectively). It was about some bank details related to payments, whose ultimate beneficiary was a UK shell called FIVENDES (FONDO VENEZOLANO DE DESARROLLO LTD). Guaido and Salcedo were said to have been commissioned by "president" Guaido to fundraise.

Making sense of Leopoldo Lopez's arrest in Venezuela

There's confusion. Loads of it. On the one hand, everyone feels energised by Leopoldo Lopez's heroics yesterday, on the other a question hangs in the air: now what? Dawn breaks in Venezuela with a resolved opposition movement with its leader in jail, unable to organize, communicate and execute whatever strategy going forward. Or is it? Let's take stock of what happened yesterday. Hundreds of thousands dressed in white took to the streets across Venezuela yesterday, answering the call made by Lopez.

Leopoldo Lopez corners chavismo

Leopoldo Lopez, one of the two most promising leaders of the Venezuelan opposition (the other being Maria Corina Machado), posted a home video yesterday, raising a few claims and stating that tomorrow he will go to the office of Ministry of Interior and Justice, to hand a petition and hand himself in: