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"Matter of national security": Rudy Giuliani tells CNN Alejandro Betancourt meeting Wilmer Guaido, financing Juan Guaido, can't be discussed

Just have a listen to what Rudy Giuliani told CNN... To say that I am utterly flabbergasted is an understatement, so much so I just couldn't resist making this public comment. Alejandro Betancourt is one of the biggest thugs Venezuela has ever produced. To his eternal credit, he and his chums basically left the country in darkness. Literally. He then went to establish associations with Russia's FSB, and bribed Rafael Ramirez into letting him and his mates misappropriate / syphon, at the very least, $5.7 billion USD.

Betancourt is now part of Juan Guaido's circle of friends / financiers. Last August, he dispatched his father Wilmer, to a gathering at Betancourt's castle near Madrid, and then facetimed with Giuliani AND Betancourt to advance the notion that, erm, as Betancourt was "helping the cause" he should be spared from any Justice Department's criminal probes. That's Juan Guaido ladies and gents. That's Venezuela's "new hope".

I will reiterate: Juan Guaido is a two bit thug. By ignoring his connections and who funds him, his American handlers are, effectively, siding with proven criminals, and undermining the incredible job of Justice, Treasury, Homeland Security, FBI, DEA, CIA, and the SEC to tackle chavista corruption. It is politically-motivated interfering with law enforcement, of the highest order.

To say that Betancourt, or his meeting with Guaido's brother and father, or his funding of Guaido, is a matter of "national security" (see below) is an insult to the millions of Venezuelans that have seen their lives destroyed by unbridled theft. In my particular case, it is personal. For Betancourt's closest associate is Francisco Convit, a DoJ-wanted fugitive directly responsible for the break into my apartment, theft of laptops, and campaign of terror against my children. Betancourt's isn't any better, and has been recorded issuing threats to people from his cushy life in London.

Juan Guaido is just more of the same, just like Giuliani: Betancourt's little bitch. I sincerely hope he fails. As per Giuliani, whoever told him that Betancourt was a matter of national security, Trump?

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