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Nicolas Maduro sold Nynas to mistery buyer? Anonymous Tue, 03/28/2023 - 10:35

A ruling from Judge Leonard P.  Stark of U.S. District Court in Delaware (case Rusoro Mining Ltd. v. Bolivarian Rep. of Venezuela, 21-mc-00481-LPS) claims that Juan Guaidó had objected to the sale by Nicolas Maduro's regime of a 35% stake that PDVSA had in Nynas. This site has covered extensively Nynas's reorganisation process.

The one about Nicolas Maduro cracking down on Tareck el Aissami's corruption

Since last Friday it's been reported: "Tareck (el Aissami) is going down... Joselit Ramirez, his right hand man, was arrested... Antonio Pérez Suárez, head of PDVSA's trade department, was arrested... law enforcement got to the Arosio Hobaica brothers... Delcy and Jorge Rodriguez were seen screaming at Tareck... Maduro is livid due to billions lost in unpaid subterfuge trading... Alessandro Bazzoni is involved along Joaquin Leal... They're coming for Majed Khalil and brother Khaled... Alejandro Arroyo got caught..."

Nicolasito's friends elbow Betancourt & Russian partners from Petrozamora Anonymous Sat, 03/11/2023 - 11:20

Brothers Ricardo and Santiago Moron Hernandez, proxies for Nicolas Ernesto Maduro Guerra (son of Nicolas Maduro) have elbowed Alejandro Betancourt, fugitive Francisco Convit and their FSB associates from Petrozamora.

Luis Giusti's pathetic spectacle in Curaçao Anonymous Thu, 02/23/2023 - 10:06

Since Joshua Goodman blew the lid off OFAC-busting shenanigans that were taking place between Venezuela, Curaçao and a bunch of shell companies in Panama, Luis Giusti's international standing has been in free fall. To recap: "Colon (IMO 9503574) lifted 600,000 barrels of fuel oil from PDVSA's Amuay and delivered to Isla refinery on September 28th 2022.

Swiss authorities keep laundering money: exhibit Nervis Villalobos

Of the first 10 results in a Google search for Nervis Villalobos eight are related to his direct involvement in corruption. Existing public evidence can easily demonstrate that Villalobos is a former Venezuelan official and politically exposed person. Since 2012, criminal probes involving Villalobos have been launched in Venezuela, USA, Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Switzerland.

Trinidad is not going to produce gas in Venezuela's Dragon field anytime soon

Reuters reported days ago that U.S. Treasury had granted a license to Trinidad & Tobago to develop, manage, and market gas produced in Venezuela's Dragon Field. Trinidad's National Gas Company (NGC), Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and Shell would expectedly be jointly in charge of development, production, operational and marketing aspects. Payment -for such gas- would be made by Trinidad & Tobago to Venezuela in humanitarian aid.

Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland rules again against Derwick Associates

In the tranquil shores of Lac Léman, Switzerland's Supreme Court issued in December of last year two new rulings against Derwick Associates: the criminal enterprise set up by Alejandro Betancourt, Francisco Convit and Pedro Trebbau. Gotham City reports today that the Supreme Court rejected appeals filed by shell companies linked to Betancourt and Convit that sought to impede sending incriminating information to the U.S. Department of Justice.