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Chavista thugs' PR usurp identity for reputation management purposes

Thugs involved in theft of public funds are always trying to whitewash their image. In the case of Venezuela, every last Boligarch 'entrepreneur' portrays himself as the wealthy offspring, or trust fund baby, from some 'rich family'. As if there were any family that has become *that* wealthy *legitimately* since chavismo took power in 1999. A good case study is Derwick Associates. Those thugs have spun some fantastic tales since 2009 about them being scions from ultra high net worth parents.

Is the U.S. Department of State really cutting ties with Juan Guaido? Alek Boyd Wed, 05/19/2021 - 05:25

There's a report in Panampost that claims that Jimmy Story has communicated President Joe Biden / State Department's new Venezuela policy to Juan Guaido.

Where's China, Russia, Iran when chavismo needs them?

Followers of the chavista disaster will remember when they told us that Iran was there, "to fix refineries", that Russia was there, "to increase output", that China was there, in an equal partnership of two nations that had decided that the best way forward was "to carve their own independent paths away from U.S. Imperialism". After each vacuous announcement, PDVSA's production was going to be propelled to 5 million, to 6 million, to X million, which coincide quite closely with the numbers that PDVSA would be producing today with its old partners had chavismo not happened.

Where has Venezuela's money gone?

The following is a report I was asked to write by the Organization of American States some time ago. It was meant to be part of a compendium of similar reports -from various authors- on the causes of Venezuela's humanitarian crisis: i.e. corruption. I publish it here, for future reference. Supporting notes and links can be seen in the pdf below.

Where Has Venezuela’s Money Gone?
By Alek Boyd

Sentence of Abraham Ortega exposes Rafael Ramirez

Some time ago we reported that Abraham Edgardo Ortega had pleaded guilty of accepting bribes in connection to a multi billion dollar money laundering scheme. It was reported yesterday that Ortega got sentenced to two years imprisonment. Ortega's sentence reveals, for the first time, Rafael Ramirez's direct involvement in various money laundering scandals centered at PDVSA.