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August 2019

[UPDATED] First it shut my account, now Twitter is allowing impersonators to propagate #fakenews

Didn't even take 24 hours for somebody to register, and make a bunch of fake claims about me, this website, and my alleged actions to recover my Twitter account. I reiterate that I have decided not to seek Twitter's pardon, I will not be begging for a reactivation of my verified account, and I am waiting for Twitter's reply re my data, accumulated there since 2009.

Norway's Equinor gets OFAC license, to clean oil spill in Venezuela

Little advertised, and less reported about, we were informed that Norway's Equinor got an OFAC license on June 7, 2019, for "clean-up or remediation, ordinarily incident and necessary to facilitate the clean-up and remediation of the Petrocedeno Production Oil spill site, including affected surface areas, adjacent lands, and areas of the Morichal San Antonio Creek, as described in the Application." [bod added]