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September 2019

Associates of Derwick keep using U.S. courts for censorship

The whole series of investigations of a criminal clan otherwise known as Derwick Associates, that I started back in 2012, was triggered by a court case. I admit it surprised me that the epitome of Bolichico class would be so brazen, and deluded, to think it could silence perceived enemies by launching frivolous civil lawsuits in U.S. courts. I am referring, of course, to the case that Derwick Associates initiated in New York against Banco Venezolano de Crédito and Oscar García Mendoza, then withdrew from that jurisdiction and relaunched in Florida.

Refusing Carvajal's extradition, Spain actively undermines U.S. gov Venezuela policy

A court in Spain has refused to extradite Hugo Carvajal to the U.S. Carvajal is wanted in connection to drug trafficking by the DEA, and argues that charges against him are "fabricated". Let's take a couple of steps back. This site has information that -as early as February 2001- Hugo Chavez was made aware of presence of narcoterrorist groups in Venezuela.